Connect for Children

Heidi Emberling, MA, Parenting Educator and Early Childhood Specialist

About May 27, 2011

Heidi_for_wall2  My philosophy about parenting young children begins with positive intention.  We, as parents, intend to raise our children in the best way we know how.  Our children respond to us and the world around them in the only way they know how–usually impulsively and emotionally.  By understanding more about child development and age-appropriate behaviors, we begin to see our children through the lens of early childhood–as scientists who are testing theories, as explorers curious about the world around them, as passionate advocates of their beliefs, and as zen masters who live fully in the present moment.

Once we learn more about the young children in our lives, we can develop strategies to modify challenging behavior at home or in school.  We can support their development of self-control and the ability to self-regulate, and we can moderate the highs and lows of their emotional moments.


Heidi Emberling, MA, has enjoyed working with families with young children for the past eleven years, specializing in topics of sleeping, eating, potty learning, temperament, early brain development, social skills, sibling rivalry, limit setting, and positive discipline.  She also does Teacher Professional Development workshops on challenging behaviors, biting, developing social friendships, separation anxiety, language development, and partnering with parents.

She is an Early Childhood Parent Education Specialist, former Preschool Teacher, and elected member of her local School District.  She has a Master’s degree from UC Berkeley and a second Master’s degree from San Francisco State University in Education, with an emphasis in Early Childhood Education.

She has two children, a son age 15 and a daughter age 12.


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